ETPIER® Application Suite


ETPIER® Application Suite was designed to enable information flow to enable real-time handover of care across sectors to aid the urgent, emergency and crisis care pathways. These solutions will enable instant sharing of information between clinical staff during transfer of care. They are needed for automation, integration and to ensure better co-ordinated care. They are suited for the mobile workforce.

ETPIER® Application Suite

A clinically based information system that would allow information to be collected electronically, for example at the point of consultation, and then be made instantly available at the next point of care ahead of the patient's arrival or ahead of the patient's treatment.

The system was designed to enable system integration and interoperability. 

ETPIER® application suite offers web based cloud managed services which can be accessed from any browser enabled device. All transactions have secure end-to-end encryption with instant notification using pagers, text and e-mail.

Current Services

Our current services enables patient centric information to be capture. The information that is captured is dependent on the patient needs and healthcare professional needs


Platform Benefits

  • Increase your resource utilisation by ensuring correct real time information when its needed
  • Reduce the time patients and staff use by providing access 24/7 to services
  • Reduce the cost/time involved in searching/phoning/waiting for information by providing a single point of access
  • Reduce investment costs by providing a monthly managed and monthly cost structure
  • Enhance the patient experience by seamlessly linking services together
  • Improve your decision making by providing real-time information and trend analysis at any time
  • Increase your capacity to deliver more services by removing barriers to enhance performance