For us this is participating in the public and voluntary health and social care forums in Hampshire.

The new Healthcare and Social Care Act have brought about a revolutionary change in the landscape where the Community is more involved in the decision making and the decision makers have to listen to the Community.

We attend various Health and Wellbeing Board public meetings, Trust board meeting and Healthwatch meeting to understand the strategic decision makers. We also engage with the Academic Health Sciences Network (AHSN) and NHS England events to understand local and national priorities. 

The Southampton City Council Health Overview and Scrutiny Panel is an interesting public meeting as it is responsible for undertaking the statutory scrutiny of health across Southampton.


By listening to what members of the public have to say in these public meetings can we understand the issues they are facing. By understanding the issues we can create the solutions that would meet the needs of the community.





We are members of different NHS Trusts in Hampshire attending both Trust Board and Council of Governors meetings.

We are members of the Southampton Healthwatch and attend various events that they have hosted.

 Academic Health Sciences Network (AHSN). We are Members of:

Wessex AHSN, West of England AHSN