Clinical Knowledge

Leverage our Domain Knowledge

Our clinical domain knowledge is based on years of hands-on clinical experience in both the NHS and the private sector. Our ways of flexible working has allowed us to understand the various areas of care settings, the users, the process, the workflows, the documentation, the current information flow channels, and identifying knowledge gap.

Our Areas of Interest

  • Acute care
  • Community
  • Emergency referrals
  • Community referrals



We can carry out research on problematic areas of specialities to develop a clear understanding of the system and the users.



Let us Help You to Help your Customers





We can help you to understand the following:

  • The users and how to improve their experience
  • Patient pathways for primary, secondary care, acute care and community to allow continuity of care, flow of information and improved patient experience
  • Process mapping
  • Workflow
  • Identification of information flow channels, information use analysis, risk analysis and resolving bottlenecks
  • Documentation
  • Developing ideas and innovation