The Right Information to the Right People at the Right Time

The vision of ESP IT Consultancy is to be a leader in identifying the types of patient information needed to support continuity of care.

We believe that a better information flow is essential to supporting patient flow.

A better communication flow with the use of technology contributes towards improving the patient experience, improving the discharge process, reducing the number of patient safety incidents, reducing admissions and readmissions into acute care.

The National Health Service, primary care, secondary care and community care has relied heavily on paper based communications to share information between clinicians and with the patient. Paper based communication often gets lost, damaged or delayed. Agencies that are involved in the patient's care are not informed about a patient’s movement in a timely manner. This lack of information results in patients experiencing difficulties when accessing services. Clinicians become frustrated and demotivated about vital information not being shared.

ESP aim is to support the patient with having access to information, supporting the clinicians with the work that they do and working with the agencies that are involved in care.