Our solutions are based on digital communication and telehealthcare technologies to enable information flow and information sharing across sectors suited for urgent care, emergency care and integrated care. We understands the patient's journey and the needs of the patients, carers and the multi-disciplinary team.

Our solutions are suited for patients with long term conditions, co morbidities  including dementia.

Circle of Needs

Our solutions are defined by our “Circle of Needs” with the patient being at the centre. Moving outwards between the different rings is the direction of needs. Moving around a ring are the inter-dependencies.

Solutions Circle of Need


Improved Outcomes for Citizens 

  • Faster treatment by having informed clinicians, healthcare professionals
  • Reduce upsets for patients by keeping them informed
  • Improve experience for patients with reduced occurrence of repetitions with staff and services
  • Reduced errors, accidents and incidents
  • Save lives


  • Identify the types of information needed to support continuity of care between sectors.
  • Enable information flow to support patient journey across sectors
  • Support the patient’s journey through their illness and on their way to recovery through the health and social care system.
  • Relieve the bottlenecks on discharge in the acute sector
  • Get the right information to the right people at the right time
  • Reducing the “start again” approach to care between sectors